Chakra Healing Stones

Tumbles & Palm Stones


Serenity, Protection & Enhancement

Clear Quartz

Energy Amplifier, Master Healer


Abundance, Success, Positivity

Black Tourmaline

Protection, Grounding, Strength


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Dream Gems

Rest assured, we are here for you. Whether you are looking for that something really unique or a special gift for a friend, talk to us. Over the years we have sourced, and set, many magnificent stones for our Clients, without any problems.

If you ever have any issues with anything that you have bought from us, please talk to us first, or drop into DGHQ, and we will resolve it for you. We do not have any specific Guarantee time period. If it is our problem we will own it. We share the Light.


About Dream Gems

We “Re-home the natural treasures of our Earth”. That’s what we do. We do it by scouring the planet for those unique gemstones for rings and pendants. Natural stone that is cut and polished and transformed into fine pieces of unique jewellery. Crystal clusters, points and spheres that you don’t see everywhere else. We specialize in large faceted Gemstones at an affordable price. Most of our more valuable faceted stones come with a Gemmological Certificate of Authenticity.


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Phone: +61 0408 675 475

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Winston Glades Shopping Centre,
259 Ash Street, Flinders View,
Ipswich, Queensland 4305,

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Dream Gems
PO Box 4287, Raceview, 4305

ABN: 65 895 326 419



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