The Merchants Stone  “ Stone of Success.” Solar / Naval Chakra – the centre of physical and material power.

Astrological Star Signs: Gemini, Aries, Libra, and Leo.
Birthstone: November and June

In Crystal Healing it is used to encourage Joy and Optimism, Self – esteem, Self – discipline and to help treat Seasonal Affected Disorder or Depression for the winter months or dark days  – to let some sunshine in.

A stone for Mental and Emotional clarity and stability often used to open the mind to new thinking and actions and getting tasks done.

One of the stones of abundance, Citrine will also help balance a life that has too much of one thing. Abundance:
The abundant act of giving is more important than the value of the gift.

Citrine is good for starting a new business – put a piece in the cash box, it will help in drawing money in; it will also help with legal issues when money is involved. Also carry one into a meeting as it encourages positive group dynamics, to boost confidence and help bring wisdom for making good decisions, to remove self-imposed obstacles and to expedite solutions.

A stone for Entrepreneurs, Business people, Lawyers and Social workers.

Citrine facts: Citrine is in the quartz family. Citrine is available in a range of colour shades. The lightest is Lemon Citrine, through Golden Citrine to the darker coloured Madeira Citrine. Citrine responds to heat treatment which is an accepted treatment to deepen the colour….just finishing off natures work.  Same with Amethyst and Topaz.

The best sources of gem quality Citrine include Brazil, Bolivia some African countries.