Chakra Healing Stones

Tumbles & Palm Stones


Serenity, Protection & Enhancement

Clear Quartz

Energy Amplifier, Master Healer


Abundance, Success, Positivity

Black Tourmaline

Protection, Grounding, Strength


Hello there Dream Gems friend! This is Evan and Joy…the owners of Dream Gems. We have been a husband and wife team for over 37 years now with the children and grandchildren to prove it!

I started collecting gemstones about ten years ago to fulfil a childhood dream. As my collection of gemstones grew into bigger and bigger trays of stones Joy asked what I was going to do with them? Good point…if I didn’t do something then I would have to stop adding to my collection. So! I researched and bought some ready-made settings and started to practice setting stones.

Joy, on the other hand, had a main interest in crystals and clusters. To advance her knowledge she attended a Crystal Healing course to learn more. Joy has a deep connection to crystals and can “feel” the vibration. Yep…Joy started collecting crystals and I asked her what she was going to do with them?? Get the message?

Around the time the house started to sink from all the crystals and rocks we had collected we had an idea to attend the local Ipswich Gem Show as see if we could sell a few to lighten the load. The rest is history.

We have been exhibiting at SE Qld Gem Shows, Tamborine Markets, The Handmade Expo in Ipswich and a few others for five or more years now. We had a good following from our lovely DG friends however time and tide was catching up. We were out and about nearly every weekend and working full time as well. It was getting to be a bit much.

We decided it was time we achieved the next step in our dream. A permanent base where we could showcase our collection and invite the members of our Dream Team to come and hold Readings, Healings, Massage and Spirit Art drawings for our Clients. A DGHQ!

We have our DGHQ and everything is going to plan. Our Facebook page is going ballistic…time for a website!! So here we are. Please enjoy. We will be constantly adding items so visit often as what is in this site is only a fraction of what we have in store at DGHQ.

Thank you for taking a moment to explore our site. Best wishes, Joy and Evan.



We “Re-home the natural treasures of our Earth”; that’s what we do. We do it by scouring the planet for those unique gemstones for rings and pendants. Natural stone that, cut and polished, turns into a fine piece of unique jewellery. Crystal clusters, points and spheres that you don’t see everywhere else. We specialize in large faceted Gemstones at an affordable price. Most of our more valuable faceted stones come with a Gemmological  Certificate of authenticity. That is what dream Gems is founded on….big natural faceted stones in rings and pendants. We buy stones and set into jewellery. We also have a huge range of loose faceted stones you can choose from. Likewise, we have a stock of loose cabochon cut stones you can choose from and we can arrange to set them for you. We have available bulk parcels of faceted stones if you want to create something yourself.

DGHQ also has numerous other items. Salt Lamps, Sea Shells, Smudge sage, feather smudge wands, books, handcrafted treasure boxes….to name a few. We also Host members of our Dream Team who specialize in Psychic Reading, Reiki, Massage, Numerology and Tarot readings, Energy Healings…pretty much any physic service you require we can supply or we can direct you to who can.



Dream Gems,
Winston Glades Shopping Centre,
259 Ash Street, Flinders View,
Ipswich, 4305

Postal Address:
Dream Gems
PO Box 4287, Raceview, 4305




Phone: +61 0408 675 475
Address: Winston Glades Shopping Centre 259 Ash Street, Flinders View Ipswich, Queensland 4305, Australia
ABN: 65 895 326 419